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What Is Samsung Easy Printer Manager?

Manage your installed printers on your network with Samsung Easy Printer Manager. Get notifications for printer errors, information about toner and paper with this app. You can know about all the connected printer devices. Furthermore, it gives you access to quick features that allows you to use your Samsung machine efficiently. Samsung easy printer manager combines devices as well as printer settings at one easy to use the system. Also, you can access features like fax and scan from PC. In all, the easy printer manager simplifies the task by combining all capable applications with just a click away.


Where to get Samsung easy printer manager from?

The free printer management software app can be downloaded from Samsung Support page.

  • Before proceeding with installing Samsung easy printer manager, you need to have printer drivers.
  • If you have not yet downloaded and installed, you can visit the Samsung Support page. Enter the model no in the search box to download the latest printer driver. You can also download Samsung Printer drivers using the Samsung Printer Software Installer. The web-based installer will download and install the Samsung Printer driver, but you need to ensure Samsung Printer Software Installer supports your printer. The web-based installer supports the following printers.
  • Samsung laser printers.
  • MFP.
  • You need to visit Samsung Support to download the installer.
  • To attain the same, you need to connect your PC with a printer.
  • After that, follow the instructions given in the Samsung Printer Software Installer.
  • Now download the Samsung Printer Software installer from the Samsung Support page.
  • After the downloading is over, click on the download folder to open.
  • Next, click on Mac_PrinterManager, if installing for Mac.
  • Now, tap on Printer Manager.pkg.
  • Next, start the installation by clicking on continue.
  • Now click on install to initiate with standard installation.
  • After you are done with the installation, click on close to exit.

You are done with downloading and installing the Samsung easy printer manager. For any doubts, regarding the same, you can connect with printer experts at Samsung. The printer experts are available round the clock to assist you with any of the Samsung Printer issues, including setup, installation, printer errors, and help with Samsung Printer drivers.

Effectively manage your printer device and reach us for any help regarding Samsung easy printer manager.